Louis Family Restaurant

Louis is a Providence institution for great food and good times, and open early.

• No frills
• Lovely space
• Open early

100+ Reviews on yelp

Open since 1947, Louis has been a comfort spot for many in the Providence community. Louis is open everyday at 6am, so never sleep on the blueberry muffins.

Style Section

Here's a glimpse at Louis Family Restaurant. Hoodies, shirts, and
everything else you can imagine

Anatomy of The Space

Cozy and welcoming, with a vintage decor that creates a warm and nostalgic atmosphere.

The restaurant has both table and booth seating, with the option for outdoor seating during the warmer months. The walls are adorned with classic black and white photos, and there are paintings and decorative plates hung throughout the space. The lighting is soft and warm, with chandeliers and sconces adding to the cozy ambiance. The floors are tiled, and there is wood paneling on some of the walls, giving the space a traditional feel.


year when Louis started business


alum. Featured on Guy Fieri's hit show